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THERMAL INSULATED Block Specifications

THERMA Block Insulated Concrete Masonry Units contain an insulated thermal barrier, which effectively creates high-insulated thermal mass, high heat capacity, and a long thermal lag time. These attributes are combined to create walls that require just a fraction of the energy normally needed to keep the interior cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

Less energy is consumed, and smaller capacity HVAC equipment can be used, resulting in significant, cost effective and long term building energy us reduction.

Higher Thermal Mass is Cost Effective: The THERMA insulated masonry unit increases your project’s thermal mass. This masonry unit features an expanded polystyrene insulation installed at the plant. This block design creates an energy barrier between the exterior wall veneer and the interior core. The installation creates a thermal mass design reducing air temperature fluctuations.


Insulated Block 20 CM

Technical data sheet

Produt Name Dimension (MM) TYPE / GRADE / STRENGTH color
Insulated Block 20 CM
400 X 200 X 200
Lime Stone / 5n
Gabbro / 7n

Frequently asked questions

QCS conformity certificates apply only to certain products.

All concrete masonry units/blocks are in compliance with BS EN 771 3, ASTM C129 & ASTM C90 respectively.

Fire rating of concrete masonry units/blocks is determined in accordance with ACI 216.1

All Concrete masonry units (Blocks) are designed to achieve normalized compressive strength (fb) in accordance with Annex A of BS EN 772 1